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Relieve the IP administrative burden with our additional support services

Get in touch for additional information on any of our services and we can work together to significantly reduce your administrative workload. Expect unbeatable customer support and efficiency in everything we do.

EPO Claims translations

Following the communication under Rule 71(3) of the European Patent Convention, you must file a translation of claims in two official languages of the European Patent Office, other than the language of the proceedings. It can be a real challenge as it must be filed within a non-extendable period of four months.

Our solution

Accurately and efficiently translate the finalised text of EPO claims, on time and in budget.

  • Simple online ordering: benefit from our support for the translations of your claims through our online platform, even if we do not already perform your European Patent Validations
  • Batch orders: our platform offers the flexibility to order the translation of your EPO claims for either a single patent application or a batch
  • Proven methodology: our in-house European Patent Attorneys select our translation partners using a rigorous methodology to make sure they meet our quality standards
  • Competitive rates: due to the thousands of claims to translation partners we send annually, your claims are translated at more competitive prices

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Unitary Patent services

The post grant process of European patents will be more complex under the Unitary Patent regulations and the Unified Patent Court. There is lots more options available and decisions to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Our solution

A one-stop shop for all European patent post grant procedures directly accessible via our online platform.

  • Opt out of the Unified Patent Court: a streamlined opt-out process where we review your bibliographical data and perform IP recordals and file national patents
  • Calculate and manage costs: our easy to use cost calculator will show you estimated costs for all combinations available to you, including anticipating a country-by-country maintenance strategy
  • Request the Unitary effect: via our European Patent Validation platform. Since its creation, we've been handling the Swiss-Liechtenstein unitary patent request
  • Translations for unitary effect request: combine the translation with those for validation or benefit from the EPO claims translations in an even more cost-efficient way than we have eber proposed for validations
  • European Patent Validations (for non-participating member states): as market leaders, we handle over 30,000 transactions associated with European patent validations every year and can efficiently assist you in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Efficiently outsource the whole process: with our combination of efficient IT tools, top-tier IP firms, streamlined processes and experienced paralegal staff

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Custom paralegal support

Limited resources, financial or human, or a surge of IP activities may create the need to consider outsourcing certain parts of your work.

Our solution

A flexible team of IP experts to bridge your internal staffing needs.

  • Filing and prosecution support: flexible custom patent and trademark filing services as well as prosecution support
  • Due diligence support: IP due diligence and portfolio reports, consisting of legal status reports and administrative data verification via our network of agents
  • Packaged forms and assignments: we prepare dedicated packages including documents such as power of attorney forms, assignments and declarations
  • Docketing support: we offer specific customised solutions providing long-term docketing support adapted to our customers' needs

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Power of Attorney form generation

Each Power of Attorney form you submit must comply with different local requirements. If these conditions are not met, the Power of Attorney form could be rejected, which is risky and time consuming.

Our solution

A free of charge, simple and automated tool to instantly generate legally correct forms.

  • Online 24/7 access: the PoA generator is always available, either as a stand-alone tool or implemented within our online ordering workflows
  • A unique professional IP database: generate forms for 200+ jurisdictions in the name of 2,300+ IP firms. We draft and maintain legally correct templates in collaboration with our agents
  • Coverage of all IP rights: the power of attorney forms available in the generator cover patents, trademarks and designs
  • Dedicated paralegal review: once the forms have been generated, our team performs quality checks to ensure that they have been properly filled in and executed, to guarantee their submission on time

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