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IP recordals

Streamlined project management with guaranteed accuracy

Updating IP rights can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Late or inaccurate recordals carry serious implications. And often your in-house team simply isn't equipped to cope with a big recordals project.

Arrange you IP recordal through Delegate and expect:

  • A 30-50% cost saving
  • Price certainty with fixed quotes, guaranteed for 120 days
  • A rigorous preliminary analysis, leading to a full overview of requirements
  • Accurate pre-filled forms—proof checked and supplied to you

Our solution

By using Delegate's knowledge and expertise you can mitigate the potential risk, while also reducing costs by 30-50% and saving in-house resource.

  • Project management approach to include project planning, regular updates, jurisdictional analysis
  • Required documents are pre-filled and supplied with execution guidelines and thoroughly proof checked prior to sending
  • Data verification service with a review of local registers, to adapt document production and instructions accordingly
  • We are your single point of contact. We coordinate multiple local agents, reducing the amount of communication required from you
  • Our specialist tools and processes ensure recordals are managed effectively and efficiently, our experts have developed a range of innovate tools to support our experienced team

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